Dubai ‘Infinity’ Pool Is Tallest on Earth

A 290-foot long and 12-meter wide swimming pool has opened in Dubai as part of a futuristic new mall called Dubai Mall.

The “integrated” infinity pool in the Mall of the Emirates, near Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, features 57 different waterfalls that descend 22 meters from its surface.

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Several of the pools are over 32 meters deep — more than three times the depth of the deepest swimming pool on the mainland.

All the pools feature circular atriums and naturally heated waters. It’s all part of the “ultimate indoor oasis.”

The sheer width of the pool is noteworthy, but it’s not the only feat the mall has to boast of. The mall, which is the biggest to date in the United Arab Emirates and is also home to the world’s largest indoor shopping mall, has a range of attractions that you won’t find anywhere else.

Along with the infinity pool, the mall also features a skateboard ramp, rock climbing wall, an artificial island and high-speed ice skating rink.

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