Inside Elizabeth Holmes and her ethics trial

Written by by jennifer kvarksh, CNN

Months after Elizabeth Holmes was arrested on insider trading charges, accusations of insider trading returned to define the late tech entrepreneur. The fallout continues as credit card giant Visa builds a case against the man they call the “tech Bill Gates.”

CNN reporters covered all sides of the story, from Holmes going public about her criminal case, to the emerging claims against her. Here’s the best of what we found.

Blame the current prosecution for criticism surrounding the whistleblower who claims the company defrauded investors. Internal statements from employees say the whistleblower was forced to leave the company, and was not made to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Holmes’ notorious Palo Alto home became the subject of a sinking fund. Her former luxury real estate agent and spokeswoman said the single family home was offered as a house in November of 2016, and Holmes was offered $31 million.

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This article has been edited for clarity and length.

CNN technology reporter Jennifer Kvarksh talks to CNNMoney’s Matthew Keys.

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