Jacquelyn Smith: that Italian countess’ bump

Jacquelyn Smith, who plays Arabella Sciarrino, tells me she won’t have the same wardrobe next season (Don’t worry, I will still have Versace suits)

This will be my last season playing Arabella, but I’ll be around at the penthouse again for a year as I’m a resident beauty in the writers’ room. For the last few months, I’ve been working my guts out on my scripts. With them, we are going to see a lot of new faces, but don’t worry, I’ll still have my Versace suits.

The last few weeks are full of auditions, fittings and makeup and hair sessions, plus lots of glass of champagne to let the tension settle. The three-hour sessions have taken on a whole new meaning, as I’ve been working really well with my director, Emilio Tamayo, and his team to make Arabella wear more of these dramatic and fabulous Versace suits and sky-high heels.

I’m really excited about all the new developments, and about how the world of these Italian countesses has been exposed for the first time. The scenes are just magic: my little sister is in it, yes, but I loved how we got to see what it was like to grow up in that era. She’s a real pop star, though, she’s so excited.

This season, I’m really delighted about how things look. It’s not typical soap – and that’s the point. Although we like talking about all this Vegas and Beverly Hills stuff, we still have a long way to go before we cover Versace, but it’s a far cry from sewing on scratch for such a role. Last year, one dress took 20 hours to prepare and I’m going to lose the weight this year because I have an egg.

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