Mike Huckabee on Donald Trump: “If somebody has the title, I am really proud”

If you’re looking for a story that you should probably pass on for the GSI archives (or worst view ever), here it is:

Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee joined Bill Nye on his show to discuss a Washington Post op-ed in which he says he was “surprised” by how loved he is.

On his fear that Donald Trump would become the leader of the free world:

“I just pray every day that someday the next presidential election will be about the future of America, that the office of the presidency will be bigger than one man.

“He was running the most powerful nation on earth. If there were ever a guy who should have been the president of the United States, this is the guy who should have been president.

“They didn’t see him as a strong leader, but he cared about America.”

On US and global pride:

“I am grateful to be an American. I have nothing to apologize for about my country. If somebody has the title or title of President, I am really proud.

“I know that it’s possible if that person were to misspeak about an American victory or stumble over English, maybe their superpower was exaggerated.

“But, you know, our superpower here in America has never been questioned. It’s been that we were a people of high character, that were the shining city on the hill that no one wanted to cross.

“The world and our relationship with the United States has never been better than it is today because we have the most powerful country in the world.”

To hear the whole conversation, watch the full video of this roundtable.

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