Nick Kyrgios predicts ‘strong’ immune system despite getting shots for skin cancer

Nick Kyrgios has expressed doubt that anyone diagnosed with a “weak” immune system will not recover. A week on from his own allergic reaction, he added that athletes should avoid getting shots for general health reasons and pointed out that none of the Australian team would be vaccinated because they don’t eat certain foods.

The emerging tennis star says he is “100 percent positive” that skin cancer is no way to develop a strong immune system. He claims that at a concert he received a flu jab which included zinc, which stops cancer cells from multiplying. Kyrgios is aware that he has previously been diagnosed with eczema and arthritis but it hasn’t affected his anti-bacterial responses.

Asked if he can imagine a player not getting a jab, he added: “Someone with a weak immune system maybe they’re very tired of getting injections and they’re sick of having colds and it just makes them really weak.”

Also putting doubt on the effectiveness of immunisations is Kyrgios’ refusal to be vaccinated against chickenpox and also denied any N95 vaccination, which would contain an immune stimulator. The star in England on Tuesday.

“We’ve got so many athletes over here that don’t eat certain foods and if you’re immuno compromised you’re not going to get those results,” Kyrgios said. “It’s terrible when you got kids being exposed to that, to our world. You should never know why you got an injection in your arm if you don’t need it.”

Australia have little experience of people becoming ill from a vaccine. South African basketballer Anthony Watts suffered several serious strokes last month after taking an N95 vaccine against meningitis in April. The vaccine has proved successful for treating some of the most contagious forms of viral meningitis.

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