Obesity: The most powerful motivating factors

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To be active just 30 minutes a day can increase the energy consumed by the brain by about 14% and the appetite-stimulating effects of activity could aid weight loss for up to one month. (Based on a 2700-day study over 55 years by the international “wellbeing” research company L’Oreal, wherein a group of young men changed their behavior without dieting.)

In a new study, researchers from the University of Colorado in Boulder identified the three most powerful motivating factors for people to become more active.

1 / 6 – Eat by counting calories Each morning, Stephanie Bilska sets a timer on her Fitbit , which is connected to her Fitbit NimbleBand , and she counts off the number of calories she is consuming to see how much progress she has made. USA Today

Whether this is as simple as turning your TV on to a running soundtrack (creating auditory cues for motivating you) or as ambitious as getting off your couch and walking 10,000 steps, researchers say the most important factor is in making exercise more common.

That’s because both increased activity and efficient energy use are both linked to weight loss. In their study, researchers found that children whose parents made 30-minute weekday walks a habit had a 47% reduced risk of obesity.

Overall, I found the content of the study interesting. More research should be done to determine the actual benefits of activity to body weight. I also found their statements less than startling.

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