Remains of National Mall projects resume — now with longer detours

Trucks and equipment keep flowing into National Cemetery in Arlington, but the road signs will remain outside the gates as they do at the memorials across the National Mall.

Work continues to rebuild ditches, crosswalks and curb ramps under the National Mall for part of Memorial Day weekend, but the work will continue past the holiday.

A project to repair 575 damaged crosswalks and fix 390 damaged ditches is set to finish by May 20, according to a project schedule submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers. The project will set the stage for the amphitheater restoration and the preservation of a statue of Gen. George Washington that is slated to open in the fall.

The construction mess that put on hold maintenance at monuments across the National Mall in early March will continue into May, according to the Army Corps of Engineers, which is overseeing the project.

The Arundel Drain project is set to move east along Pennsylvania Avenue (the stretch between Memorial Drive and Capitol View Drive), and complete the repairs to the ditches and crosswalks on National Cemetery, Amistad Avenue and Daugherty Drive and Pierpont Drive.

The repairs were delayed after the National Capital Planning Commission’s position was overturned by an Arlington Circuit Court judge, Army Corps of Engineers spokeswoman Pamela Wright said.

In a Thursday ruling, Judge Joseph E. Kearney Jr. found that the NCPC “is not entitled to be consulted when projects are the property of the federal government.”

Workers also were unable to finish tree and invasive plant removals at the Monroe Fountain construction site in D.C.’s Mount Vernon neighborhood.

Arlington officials have said most of the barricades are now gone.

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