‘Shuffle Along’ Broadway tour canceled after actress came out as descendant of slaves

The Weinstein Company has pulled Nick Lazzarini from the upcoming tour of the Broadway show “Shuffle Along.”

Lazzarini, who choreographed and served as artistic director for the tour, was placed on indefinite leave by the Weinstein Company Friday after CNN’s “Shuffle Along” report uncovered that Lazzarini personally appeared at bars and clubs in Manhattan during the show’s stay at the Nederlander Theatre.

A company representative confirmed to CNN the title had been canceled.

The news follows a CNN investigation published Thursday that revealed the groundbreaking 1921 show uses tap dancing that is similar to the style of dance slavery immigrants brought to New York.

Lazzarini has since issued a statement on his Instagram account, saying the tour would be “uprooted and rearranged.”

In an Instagram post on his account @nicklazzarini, he explains, “My personal conduct in a social media post has been inappropriate and, in retrospect, wrong.”

He says, “Although I also understand the sensitivity of this time period and the entertainment industry in particular, I take full responsibility and am sorry.”

Lazzarini adds, “As a result, I personally apologize to anyone whom I have offended and would like to apologize to any colleagues at The Weinstein Company that may have been hurt as a result of this conduct. This tour will be uprooted and rearranged and I apologize to all.”

He adds, “This behavior will not be tolerated or repeated.”

Lazzarini had posted a black-and-white photo on Instagram last week in which he’s looking into the camera. Below it was his description of the show, “Shuffle Along, Or, The Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That Followed.”

Lazzarini had signed a non-disclosure agreement with Weinstein for six years, a representative from the company told CNN in a statement Thursday.

After the announcement of the move, members of the cast expressed disappointment and sadness.

Tony Award winning actor Brandon Victor Dixon posted on Instagram, “Nick’s recent conduct has no place in a professional setting and is not consistent with our artistic values. I appreciate Nick’s public apology and look forward to working with him in the future.”

Tony Award winner Leslie Odom Jr. posted on Instagram, “This is incredibly unfortunate news. We’ve worked together in the past and I believe in him as a leader, a creative force and a talented choreographer.”

The Weinstein Company continued to say the production will “go on and find a new location.”

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