The 4 Cs: What your career style reveals about you

1. Perfectionism gives way to passion and swagger; lack of self-deprecation gets you into trouble.

Maintain the company expectations, but no more. If your team members expect perfection in every aspect of their lives, with every level of accomplishment, you risk empowering an unhealthy peer culture. Look for ways to incorporate people’s input.

2. The mission of your career is your passion.

Unless you are doing something that you love, then being in a permanent position or having a title is irrelevant. You will never have a job you actually love.

3. The path to your dream job should be your destination, not your starting point.

Identify your values and purpose. Adopt those beliefs to guide your career path. By focusing on your values and other people’s perceptions of you, you will get ahead in any career.

4. Career success isn’t determined by your salary or title.

If you care more about helping people than making money, then there is little you can’t do. Think about how you can do more with less. By making a difference and meeting others’ needs, you will become more valuable.

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