The evolution of going paperless, clicker, roll-out in-flight snacks

The now-trendy “scroll”, along with air-dressing and eating in a fancy-pants airline lounge, are all super-important features flight attendants see on departing flights these days.

“They love it because it makes it more relaxed and comfortable and slows the process down,” said Captain Peter Crowley, an America’s A Continental flight attendant and owner of Paddle, an apparel and airport line with the double name since 1979. “It’s almost like the toilet paper. You know when you’re done — it’s on there! It’s a way of life.”

Starr Jansen from Colcci Airlines agrees, adding that it’s necessary since it takes time to remove all of the seat cushions — just like a daily cleaning in the home. Jansen is also the co-owner of Work Your Plane, an online platform for hiring and managing in-flight service staff.

“On a plane there’s so much downtime. It’s very important,” Jansen told FOX23. “We need to do what we call the clicker, where you pull the green tab and it takes five seconds, and you have quiet time to yourself.”

Some of the newest advancements are the #RollOuttheBagels promotion in U.S. continental airlines. The deal allows passengers to order two bagsel sandwiches from airport stores, and be rewarded for the rest of the trip (depending on the ticket) by earning airline miles or as rewards for their loyalty program.

It’s part of Colcci’s onboard lounge campaign, and even past America’s A Continental flight attendants love it because there is no line to pay for the bagels. “It’s an added service, it makes a difference,” said Crowley.

The #RollOuttheBagels campaign started late last year, and Crowley hopes for more after the super-hot summer travel season ends and the casual days start.

In an effort to save more time, Jansen also added more flower boutiques to her menu. “I’ve had a lot of nice comment, ‘Wow, I haven’t gotten flowers in such a long time,'” she said. “People love it. They find it a nice place to pause for a moment to sit and enjoy the flowers and feel a bit better.”

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