TS and Husky Football: May 21/23/20/21

FABulous A-B-C!!!

There’s no rest for the weary when they say, ‘four games, four games’, the double-header nature of this meet necessitates a 6pm start (local time) for the opening pitch, with two games first up at Ames and then at Corvallis. It makes for even more interesting scheduling once you take into account there are all these bye/visit days between games as well. Boise has two home-and-home series this weekend, followed by a tricky roadie in Arizona this weekend.


We’ll be predicting the final score all four games (if/when that occurs), but we had some fun asking for their predictions for the series, and they came back with very valid suggestions.

One person below from SIU had WSU winning all four games by a combined 20-3…

Sports Editor

We should see some pitching from both teams. It should be close, but mostly on the offensive side. We’ll be hoping WSU has a bit more hustle. If they do, then it should be an easy win. Going back to our point about a team that can play deep into the season, Boise State seems to do that. Oftentimes this team seems to miss bats from time to time, but then others pick up. In this game they will have to play error-free baseball to pull it out and squeak out a win. If they can do that we could see a blowout win.

We will take a closer look at the teams in our AP for America series tonight.

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