What’s the World’s Largest Yacht?

While “superyacht” ships have one thing in common, these floating skyscrapers are so big that even the Department of Homeland Security might give in. Don’t believe us? Scroll through the slideshow for a glimpse of the world’s biggest mega-yachts. > View As: One Page Slides

Aquamarine – Baja California, Mexico Located in the Baja California Bay, the 174,000-square-foot Aquamarine has seven swimming pools, an underwater movie theater, and an outdoor juice bar.

Hitchcock – Norway Located in Norway’s fjords, the 115,000-square-foot Hitchock is the largest steel vessel in the world.

Galleria – Albania Designed to look like an ancient Roman temple, Galleria has already taken pride of place in the town of Danova.

The Leopard – Chinese waters In Chinese waters, the 147,000-square-foot Leopard is two stories high and can accommodate 800 guests.

USS Delaware – Kitty Hawk A 148,000-square-foot creation, the Delaware is so large it also holds the title of largest US Navy base at (rightfully) 27 square miles in size.

Pink Cloud – Maldives The 276,000-square-foot “Pink Cloud” can hold as many as 90 guests, and was the first luxury houseboat in the Maldives.

Diamonds is the New Black – California The 142,000-square-foot “Diamonds is the New Black” is the largest yacht made by Diamonds International.

Rhapsody – Far East The 201,037-square-foot Rhapsody features an indoor pool, basketball court, and wine cellars.

Diamond Princess – Canada Originally the world’s largest boat, Diamond Princess will be worth an estimated $130 million when it’s sold.

Giant Golden G-Whirl – Greece The 115,000-square-foot Giant Golden G-Whirl can hold its own against a moon and sun.

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