Biden pays tribute to ‘frontline workers’ and military service members on Thanksgiving

Vice President Joe Biden has released his annual Thanksgiving Day proclamation, where he paid tribute to immigrants and frontline workers and honored service members around the country.

“On Thanksgiving Day, we pay tribute to the bravery and sacrifices made by our fellow Americans who serve their country in uniform and in uniformed, uniformed, and reserve forces,” Biden says in the proclamation, which was released Tuesday.

Biden notes the uncertainty and anxiety that veterans, military families, and other “frontline” workers experienced through the 2016 presidential campaign, which broke with traditional tradition by not mentioning President Obama at all, and cites the “tremendous hurdles” they were facing.

“We also celebrate, in particular, the dedication of the front line workers who help make our country safer and more prosperous,” Biden says.

Biden also focuses on immigrant workers, some of whom he says, “are the backbone of our economy and provide the jobs that keep our country strong.”

“As we look ahead to the holiday season, let us take pride in our unity and national unity and in our generosity and giving,” Biden says.

Biden also calls attention to the military on Thanksgiving day, saying that “every part of our nation is great and in desperate need of a little recognition and appreciation.”

Biden’s non-traditional proclamation contrasts with President Trump’s official proclamation, which has Trump repeatedly referring to the country’s troops as the “fighting men and women” and saying the country is “greater together.”

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