CNBC’s Yereth Rosen on Fox’s Your Money Podcast: Your Money Is A Holiday Movie Season Survival Guide For The Elderly

Yereth Rosen, the CNBC reporter who writes “Your Money,” a roundup on, joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss this year’s Thanksgiving holiday movie lineup. “House of Gucci,” this year’s holiday season, is basically an overdone mafia drama. “Sabrina Woosley: Encanto Hotel: The One About Entrails” is a comedy that’s not going to go over well with elderly folk and was removed from an English festival this past weekend because of its rough language.

Snow day advice:

“Over the next couple of weeks it will be dry and cold in New York City. I think most snow days will be used to clear the air.”

The drug trip diet:

“Every week people seek ways to deal with the rising cost of keeping healthy. I have my own solution and it is called “The Drug Trip Diet.” In the 80s, Atkins and South Beach didn’t work for me. It’s possible I’m too old for them. Drug Trip Diets do work and only require you to eat healthy meals, drink water and keep yourself moving.”

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