Eco-conscious organization organizes food drive to fight pollution, as it rains on the city

As it washes past the tipping point, the dead zone around water has probably never been more evident. From Flint, Mich., to West Virginia, city sewer systems and power lines overflow daily, leaving millions without clean drinking water, and polluting rivers and streams with lead, diesel fuel and other toxic, urban pollutants.

The battle against water pollution has never been more urgent, and it’s not just a local affair. Far more pollution is occurring where you’d least expect it, on our nation’s riviera. But what do you do when you have to take this serious issue, which has little to do with your environment, and make it an appropriate seasonal event?

Over the weekend, volunteers from the eco-conscious organization EcoCycle put on “Inject some good into the world,” a food drive, food truck event and nine-hour cookout in front of the 16th Street Mall, affirming the notion that vegetables go a long way when they are free of chemicals and grown organically, locally.

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