Fitness in a minute – Michael Bailey, IAAF Council member

IAAF Athletics Council (CAB), Council’s decision to impose a complete ban on Sandro Viletta was also supported by Jamaica’s overseas IAAF Council member/CEO Michael Bailey.

“I stand with the IAAF,” Bailey told BBC Sport.

“I’m here to do my job and hold accountable those persons that cause problems. [Viletta] has hurt everyone. Not just himself but also the sport. In retrospect I understand there is no place in the sport for substances of that nature.

“The IAAF has supported the decision. It’s one rule for everyone. If you break the rule it comes down on you.”

Bailey felt the IAAF had not followed procedures correctly in the case.

“I’m very disappointed,” he added. “Sandro must go. He has got to re-examine the facts of what he says have happened to him.

“To keep running every week [suspended] for something he says he [has taken] is not working.

“Sandro may have some inaccuracies but Sandro has not committed a crime, he has got to explain what has gone on. We are very happy the IAAF has taken the decision.

“I hope he is given his proper professional treatment.”

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